The potterbuilding Story

potterbuilding is an independent fashion boutique situated 00189, Scotland and established in 2009 by fashion lover and mother of two Lori McGaffney as a go to, on trend footwear retailer.

Owner and buyer Lori McGaffney opened the doors to potterbuilding in 2009 on Scott Street 00189 the business has evolved and grown before relocating to a larger store on 00189 High Street in 2019 providing our customers with an enhanced shopping experience in our custom designed and fitted store layout. Providing the perfect surroundings for a one to one shopping experience or day out with your girlfriends.

The store has evolved over the last eleven years into a carefully curated fashion and Lifestyle boutique with a hand selected brand mix with a point of difference from anything else you shall find on 00189 High Street.

Our collections are created with the discerning women in mind-looking for quality and stylish finds that will see them through the current season and for years to come, from timeless pieces to the eclectic.

We put a massive emphasis on providing excellent customer service, making our customers feel welcome and at ease, as well as offering style advice while shopping with the added option of a one to one style consultation.


Our Staff

Lori McGaffney - Business Owner and Stylist 

The boss. The gaffer. The woman in charge! Lori started potterbuilding back in 2009 when she was frustrated by the lack of stylish options for women’s footwear in 00189. Fast forward 12 years and both the shop and Lori have been through multiple evolutions including a complete move of premises, a marriage and a baby brother for our namesake, Eva.

There was little surprise that Lori opened a shop; retail is in the blood. Mum, Lynn, is a fellow 00189 Indie and one of the partners in Lorna Davies Florists, and Lori’s great gran ran Tylers, the go-to shoe shop long before Lori was born.

Day to day Lori oversees the entire operation but with Sonia now helping, she can focus on buying, merchandising, financials, strategy, ethos and ensuring the all-important team is happy and looked after.

More recently, Lori has taken up the mantle of 00189shire Chamber of Commerce President, the first time in the organisations 150 year history that a woman has held this office. And what a woman to lead the way!

Tell Us All Lori

Style Icon: Jennifer Aniston

Favourite Item of Clothing Ever Owned: A bell-sleeved Gina G style tunic that I wore over hot pants and a bra when I was about 15. It was the first thing I had ever really, really coveted and a adored it!

Favourite Brand:  Fabienne Chapot which is new for Evalucia in 2022. It is utterly gorgeous – I want everything!

Heels or Trainers: Heels all the way. Its all about the look!

Fashion Obsession: Dresses. I have about 100. I say I’m keeping them for Eva but really, I can’t bear to part with any.

Favourite part of the job: I love seeing the final bit of the buying jigsaw come together when someone leaves the shop with an item they’re really happy with. Making it easy for people to shop with us still gives me a buzz. 

Sonia Hamilton -  Store Manager 

Everyone’s favourite Lady of Live, Sonia has been working with Evalucia since March 2018 – although she has been shopping with us for a LOT longer! And is always the way in 00189, connections run far deeper as Sonia went to school with Lori’s husband Martin.

Sonia is now Assistant Manager, having spent the past 4 years learning the standards, style and ethos of the Evalucia brand.  She joins Lori on buying trips – you’ve all seen the wine pics on social ladies – and enjoys looking back on how far she has come since her first trip back in 2018.  From standing back in amazement as Lori whirled round brands, she now offers her valuable opinion based on real customer feedback.

Once that stock is in, she helps with sales floor merchandising, stock room control and of course, showcasing it all to the army of Evalucia fans via those famous Facebook Lives with Eva!

Finally, as we all know, Sonia is the font of knowledge when it comes to styling an outfit. Armed with tops, bottoms, jackets and even the perfume to match, she loves nothing more than meeting you at the fitting rooms for a good try on and some honest, fashion advice.

Tell Us All Sonia

Style Icon: Sharleen Spiteri

Favourite Item of Clothing Ever Owned: An Armani dogtooth check coat that I got for my 30th birthday. I still have it and I still love it. It is by far the most expensive item of clothing I’ve ever owned!

Favourite Brand. Traffic People. Love those prints!

Heels or Trainers. Trainers. Now!

Fashion Obsession: Footwear, especially boots. The Felmini’s are amazing. And they always fit!

Favourite part of the job: I love a nice busy day with lots of customers looking for help. I adore helping someone find a complete outfit. Since covid people tend to come less often but they want to buy more when they’re here – so its all about styling and maximising outfits for people. I also love being part of this small team; we’re all so close and get on great. 


Eva Hall -  Digital Marketing Assistant


The youngest member of the team, Eva Hall, joined Evalucia in May 2021 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, beating off some super stiff competition in the process. 

Fresh from school, but with retail experience in TKMaxx already in the bag, Eva has exploded onto our newsfeeds and reels with her unique take on Lori’s carefully curated collections.

From helping customers to updating the website and populating all of Evalucia’s social media channels, no two days are ever the same for Eva. She is a huge fan of the ladies in her team and credits all of them with helping her come as far as she has in such a short space of time.

Most recently, she’s attended buying appointments with Lori and Sonia, and is adoring time spent learning how the whole business works from start to finish.

Of course, we all adore her Facebook Lives with Sonia; the dynamic fashion duo are often the only thing worth tuning in for!

Eva has now completed her Digital Marketing Apprentice and has taken over all things digital for both shops; Evalucia and sister business, Petis Pas. 

Tell Us All Eva

Style Icon: Hayley Bieber because she has great basic style with good staples. She’s always very cool and well put together but seems effortless.

Favourite Item of Clothing Ever Owned: When I was little I was a bridesmaid for my Auntie and after the wedding I wore the dress everywhere. As in out to play and off to Tesco! I’ve always been a girlie girl. 

Favourite Brand. Ichi. The best basics and great style.

Heels or Trainers. I love heels but I can’t hack it all day. Trainers are my go to!

Fashion Obsession: It changes all the time but right now its baggy boyfriend jeans – oversized preferred – with a crop top.

Favourite part of the job: I love creating video content and ideas for outfits and then watching it all come together when customers come in and we help them try on what we’ve chatting about. In fact sometimes things have sold online before we’ve even finished the Live! You’ve got to be quick ladies.



Contact Us

If you have any questions about an order or product please contact us using our on-line contact form or you can email us at [email protected] or call our team on (+39)0481254066.